‘I was reserved about acupuncture and its healing powers. I considered it had to be a particular ache or pain. When I went to see Germaine, I wasn’t sure of ‘the problem’. However, I was getting Anxiety, and my body felt depleted. I booked 4 sessions, then another 4 session after a few weeks break. Each week the treatment has been different, the restorative power and the deep dive to health is happening on many levels. thanks so much for listening with such a professional and therapeutic approach. I highly recommend Germaine, as a practitioner and Healer


“I was recommended to see Germaine by a friend, and am now a regular and have referred others. Germaine is a very special practitioner, she’s highly skilled and very thoughtful about how she works with me. She creates a very safe feeling space, listens very deeply and is very gentle. I feel better just talking to Germaine, however her treatments have also made a big difference to my life. Over 20 years of intense menstrual issues changed after one session, patches of eczema have disappeared, I have more consistent energy, a more even mood and better quality sleep. Thank you so much Germaine!” 


‘I started seeing Germaine for long term issues with PMS, I had experienced it for years and felt like I had tried pretty much everything, it was really dominating my life and I felt like I was dreading the second half of my cycle and living my life around it. After a couple of months of seeing Germaine my PMS has completely changed, I definitely still experience a change in mood but it is nowhere like how I felt before, I don’t feel like I am dreading the second half of my cycle and thing about it far less now. I really felt like Germaine listened to what I had to say and was very intuitive in her treatments, she even drew up a chart of my cycle which was so helpful. My cycles were also really long at around 32 days but after 2 cycles they had gone down to 29 days which was brilliant, thanks so much!’


‘I’ve been seeing Germaine for acupuncture over the last three months. She has an incredibly nurturing and supportive way of holding her sessions and I feel 100% that she is interested in helping me to head and is full of so much valuable information and tools to make this happen. I’ve always been quite scared of needles and acupuncture but Germaine is brilliant at helping me relax and feel safe that I actually enjoy the sessions.. I always sleep much better after a session with her and my blocked ear shifted yesterday in just one session. Thanks Germaine I’m very grateful to have your support.’


‘For over a year now, I’ve been having acupuncture treatments from Germaine… I was initially one of her “Guinea pigs” for her final year of study, and have continued to have regular treatments as I find it so beneficial. My favourite aspect is Germaine’s very warm, gentle and soothing manner… she always makes me feel relaxed and fully confident in her abilities… and we always have a good chat and laugh as well! Many times she’s been a sounding board for my stresses and the struggles of daily life, and I always leave feeling relaxed and restored. If anyone is interested in finding a local acupuncturist, I can’t recommend her highly enough.’